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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • The Sniper Attack Anonymously Deanonymizing and Disabling the Tor Network
  • Palo Alto Networks Uncovers New Source of Cyberthreats Targeting Businesses MarketWatch
  • Endpoint Security Market Security Suites EPP Antivirus malware Firewall . MarketWatch
  • Researchers Plan to Disclose Critical Bugs to TAILS Team Soon
  • Nigerian Cybercriminals Evolve Tactics to Target Businesses Palo Alto Networks
  • CCleaner for Mac 1.08 adds support for Yosemite Developer Preview improves browser cleaning
  • Calif. high school teachers nude photos hacked and emailed to nearly 300 . New York Daily News
  • False Air Force One Crash Reported on Hacked WSJ Facebook Page Nextgov
  • Goodwills goodwill rocked as Feds probe bank card hacking scam Register
  • The Scandal Brewing at the Biggest Hacking Event of the Year Vocativ
  • Hacking experts build device to protect cars from cyber attacks Reuters
  • TailsOS download served over an unencrypted connection
  • Nigerian Scammers Adopting More Sophisticated Attacks
  • Test All Apps to Keep Hackers from Penetrating Castle Walls
  • Bits Blog Hackers Find Way to Outwit Tough Security at Banking Sites
  • Bank hackers go phishing with Emmental
  • Wall Street Journal System Breach Revealed in Hacker Tweets
  • Wsys Control
  • Deal4Real
  • HQualV1.8
  • Win32 Branstall.B
  • Inside GoDaddy is Your Ally In Internet Security Ping Zine Web Tech Magazine
  • Goodwills goodwill rocked as Feds probe bank card hacking scam
  • Energy management EMEAwide network certification program from Belden PennEnergy press release
  • Banks Hit by AndroidSkirting Malware Top Tech News
  • Vuln Mozilla Firefox Thunderbird CVE20141544 Use After Free Memory Corruption Vulnerability
  • NA USN22961 Thunderbird vulnerabilities
  • NA DSA2984 acpisupport security update
  • Medium USN22941 Libtasn1 vulnerabilities
  • High CVE20137392 Gitlist allows remote attackers to execute.
  • Medium DSA2985 mysql5.5 security update
  • Medium CVE20142385 Multiple crosssite scripting XSS.
  • NA USN22971 acpisupport vulnerability
  • High CVE20144326 Elasticsearch Logstash 1.0.14 through 1.4.x.
  • Medium CVE20144911 The ssl decrypt buf function in.
  • High RHSA2014 0913 kernelrt security update
  • Medium CVE20145020 The File module in Drupal 7.x before 7.29 does.
  • NA RHSA2014 0918 thunderbird security update
  • Medium CVE20145022 Crosssite scripting XSS vulnerability in the.
  • Critical RHSA2014 0917 nss and nspr security bug fix and enhancement update
  • NA RHSA2014 0915 nss security update
  • Medium CVE20145019 The multisite feature in Drupal 6.x before 6.32.
  • NA RHSA2014 0916 nss and nspr security update
  • Medium CVE20145023 Repository.php in Gitter as used in Gitlist.
  • NA USN22951 Firefox vulnerabilities
  • Low CVE20145021 Crosssite scripting XSS vulnerability in the.
  • High CVE20144511 Gitlist before 0.5.0 allows remote attackers to.
  • Black Hat Speaker Dont Overestimate EMV Protections Underestimate Card Thief Sophistication
  • Nigerian 419 Scammers Evolving Into Malware Pushers But Not Very Good Ones
  • WordPress brute force attack via wp.getUsersBlogs Tue Jul 22nd
  • Firefox 31.0 released includes security fixes see https security knownvulnerabilities firefox.html Tue Jul 22nd
  • METRO.US Website Compromised to Serve Malicious Code
  • Two Major Media Outlets Fall Prey to Hackers
  • Google Must Comply With Italian Data Privacy Rules Within 18 Months
  • Goodwill Hacking Nonprofit Investigates Possible Data Breach
  • Apple reports huge profit but sales disappoint
  • Microsoft brings two open source tools to Azure
  • 29 of consumers dont trust retailers to keep personal financial data safe from hackers
  • Exemployees enjoy free reign over company data in over a third of companies


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