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Death to Botmasters ? Maybe if MS secret tool is real..
Microsoft botnet-hunting tool helps bust hackers

Botnet fighters have another tool in their arsenal, thanks to the folks at Microsoft. The software vendor is giving law enforcers access to a special tool that keeps tabs on botnets, using data compiled from the 450 million computer users who have installed the Malicious Software Removal tool that ships with Windows. Although Microsoft is reluctant to give out details on its botnet buster -- the company said that even revealing its name could give cyber criminals a clue on how to thwart it

Microsoft company executives discussed it at a closed door conference held for law enforcement professionals Monday. The tool includes data and software that helps law enforcers get a better picture of the data being provided by Microsoft's users, said Tim Cranton, associate general counsel with Microsoft's World Wide Internet Safety Programs. "I think of it ... as botnet intelligence," he said.
Microsoft security experts analyze samples of malicious code to capture a snapshot of what is happening on the botnet network, which can then be used by law enforcers, Cranton said. "They can actually get into the software code and say, 'Here's information on how it's being controlled.'" .. continued....

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All web sites and ISP's that have been under continued attacks by Botnets will be silently cheering and hoping that law enforcement officials will now be silencing the malicious bot nets.  Time will tell who wins this round...

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